We are a dedicated group of teachers, administrators, and support staff working diligently to help students excel academically and become confident, self-reliant young adults.

Central School District promotes nondiscrimination and tolerance in its work and learning environments so they are free of harassment or intimidation based on or because of an individual's race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, marital status, orientation, or age in compliance with statutes and OAR 581-022-1140.

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The tasks set before educators and school systems today are much different than they have been in past years. Due to ongoing reforms, Central School District is hard at work restructuring our curriculum, instruction, and support systems so that we can effectively address the new accountability expectations expressed in federal and state laws.

However, as we work on student academic excellence, we keep in mind the history and traditions that have been part of Monmouth and Independence.  Our athletic and extra-curricular programs have been strong and we are ensuring that this continues.  Our partnerships with the City of Monmouth, the City of Independence, and Western Oregon University are expanding and we have developed some wonderful new initiatives like our Tutor Academy program.

We are seeing improvement on all fronts, and I am pleased most by the renewed focus on academic excellence and rigor.

I invite you to visit our schools and attend our regularly scheduled School Board meetings.  Your voice and participation is always welcome!

Buzz Brazeau, Superintendent
Central School District 13J


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Buzz Brazeau
Superintendent of Schools

Rich McFarland
Assistant Superintendent/ HR Director

Cec Koontz
Business  Manager

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Director of Special  Programs

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Administrative Manager